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"I have been booked as the talent on set for over a decade in everything from national print ads to feature films next to Will Smith & his son. I have grown with the industry standards and picked up quickly. I naturally fell into creative client work over the years when friends began to ask for my advice and industry colleagues and I began to collaborate on projects; and here we are now with SCA."

- Anna Sinclair, Sr. Creative Director

Model: Anna Sinclair

Photographer: Matt Barnes

Model: Anna Sinclair

Photographer: Matt Barnes

SCis a full-service agency that connects brands and communities through storytelling, creative campaigns and experiences.





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Our experience comes from many years working with or alongside creative minds, ad agencies, PR firms, brand managers, business owners, and personal brands. Today we are helping some of the hottest budding talent & entrepreneurs on the come up.

We have over a decade of experience working alongside, producers, directors, stylists, make-up artists, cast & crew, and various production houses & recording studios. All of that came with endless hours of creative meetings, design, editing, and production and marketing ideas. 


After being immersed in the music & entertainment industry for over 5 years working with major record labels, music managers, touring artists, and writers, we have a diverse background in all things storytelling. Over the years, we have spent behind the scenes at major festivals, tours, award shows, press events, and brand launches, etc combined with working alongside people in PR, radio, and media gives us a 360 advantage to serve you in a holistic and personable way. 


Collectively across many industries, we have worked with 200+ brands on content creation, influencer marketing, brand launches, product shots, and unique contesting & giveaway campaigns.


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We tap into a collective of artists we met along the way to make magic happen.


We find ways to allow our clients to reach their audience authentically and powerfully, making them unforgettable. We handpick incredible talent when needed to make your vision come to life. We are invested in pulling in the right fit, and work outside the box so that you don't get lost in the crowd.


 So if you need visual assets such as photography, video, music video, a commercial, or anything in between, just know that there is nothing we can't bring to the table or someone we can't call on to make this happen for you because we have been establishing strong relationships with industry professionals, managers, agents, venues, and brands for over 14 years so we continue to do what we love most..create. We won't ever claim we can do something we can't, but instead, call on our strongest relationships onbaord.

Influencer Marketing
Video & Photography



I founded SCA after thousands of hours of experience on set for National TV & print ads, commercials, movies, brand shoots you name it! I've simply worked with the largest producers, directors, ad agencies and brands and that industry experience is what inspires me to create something special for our clients " Anna Sinclair -Creative Director

Model: Anna Sinclair

Photographer: Matt Barnes -West Side Studios

Client: Virgin Mobile


Let's Create

All great ideas start with inspiration but can often fail without the right plan. We focus on a results-driven process that creates an impactful statement that ultimately achieves your goals.

It's beyond picture-perfect campaigns, events, and designs or knowing your customer's pain points & interests. Let's create super fans and an audience that is Lazer locked and most of all engaged with your offer.


What if you could change the trajectory of your business tomorrow? 

We would love to learn more about your project.

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