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Brand Strategy & Consulting is my psychic power. After building 4 successful brands myself, I learned everything about how to sell, promote, land media, create a brand voice, key messaging, and market my work to reach a large audience. I am a big picture thinker and everything that rolls out must be purposeful, stand out, and most importantly, move people.

I currently manage a small select roster of talent whom I scout including celebrity clients, influencers, and models. The agency is a full-service talent/creative agency that covers many facets of events, entertainment, branding, and consulting.


There is nothing I love more than to help people and brands level up with their new assets! Your impression on your potential client is everything. Branding is such an esoteric thing. It’s so much more than just your logo and your graphics, and you need to consider the ecosystem.

Your brand is the set of FEELINGS and adjectives that are evoked with every interaction with your business. Back when I was a signed pop artist, I was working daily with a publicist, stylist, makeup artist, manager, choreographer, photographer, cinematographer, producer, the director you name it. I learned the ins and outs of branding but also knew that creativity was fundamental to standing out.

Creative Consultant

As an artist and writer, I am storytelling to evoke emotions from my audience and taking them to a special experience with my work. I love creating out of the box ideas for my clients who are tired of the same old commercial cheeseball recycled content. 

I have lived in three countries and experienced multiple cultures that have diversified my lense. I had to start over and over again as my family immigrated and learned 3 languages to adapt.


Today, what I bring to the table is this relentless, fearless, drive to make whatever I want possible. I have gained confidence that has taught me that no obstacle is going to stop me from my dreams.


I grew up learning that if I want something, I have to go and get it. I threw myself into a lot of industries that said no to me...until eventually, they said yes. I don't stop at what I want to create.

I was too short for modeling but I ended up on the runway, in magazines, on billboards, and working with successful designers. I wasn't going to let my hight stop me from doing what I felt I deserved


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Most people may not know that after being in front of the camera for many years, I began to gain experience on the other side of things. I love to participate in casting & A&R projects and see the talent on the spot. I just know it when I see it.

My Casting Portfolio | Music Videos 

The Weeknd” “Secrets” Asymetric D: Martin Calero | P: Kat Malavara |Ashley Hallihan | Anna Sinclair

Jessie Reyes “Gatekeeper” Mad Ruk Entertainment D: Peter Huang | P: Katy Malavara |Ashley Hallihan | Anna Sinclair

The Arkells “Knocking at the Door” Mad Ruk Entertainment D: Mark Myers & Shane Cunningham | P: Mark Sirju |Ashley Hallihan | Anna Sinclair

Alessia Cara “Scars to Your Beautiful” Mad Ruk Entertainment D: Aaron A | P: Matt Power |Ashley Hallihan | Anna Sinclair

Kiki Rowe “Trust Issues” Mad Ruk Entertainment D: Aaron A | P: Dave Gardiner |Ashley Hallihan | Anna Sinclair

Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara “Wild” Mad Ruk Entertainment D: Malia James | P: Harvey Glazer |Ashley Hallihan | Anna Sinclair

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Associate Casting Portfolio | FILMS


My Highlights |  TV & Film 


I have been featured in commercials, Print ads, short films, and feature films. Some of my notable and most favorite gigs were

  • McDonald's Commerical (CA)

  • Playtex Baby Commercial (CA)

  • CIBC National Print Ad  (CA)

  • 2 seasons of Suits (CA)

  • Dove ( US)

  • Virgin Mobile Billboard Ad (CA)

  • Presidential Air (CA)


Voice Over | Commerical & Ads

Anna is available for voice over work for Cartoons, Kids shows, Radio, commercials for larges brands, and singing in various shows. This also extends to recording voice for apps, education videos for corporate and commercial.

Mom Life | Parenting & Motherhood

Empowering Moms around birth & mindful lifestyle


Whether I am creating a brand campaign for a client or a brand I am personally working for, you better believe that I bring my heart and creativity.  If you are looking to portray a fresh perspective of your brand, I can help by sharing a more personal side by creating one of my reviews or features. 


Over the years I have connected with other content creators and have the ability to handpick out of my robust database of authentic influencers with amazing engagement rates. At the end of the day, I want my clients to get the best outcome, which is a highly engaged and well-received product that moves people and leaves my client at the top of mind.  


As a public figure, consumer show owner, and content producer who is passionate about living a vibrant lifestyle, I can communicate your brand as an experience to the people that need to know about it. It's done with style, quality and most importantly...mommy approved. 

One core value I treasure is establishing and maintaining relationships and partnerships with the brands I love and learn to trust. I operate with a PR friendly approach that turns strangers into customers by seeing real reviews and have a results-driven method. My family is on a health & wellness journey trying products that take care of our mind, body & soul. I love to feature events and attend media launches hosted by the brands I trust and love and I love to plan them too.

My experience with wellness, Holistic healing, Reiki, Hypnobirthing, and Degree in Counseling Psychology has to lead me to share what is possible.

Pregnancy and labor was an incredibly powerful and spiritual experience for me. I am an advocate on a mission to empower moms around birth and postpartum wellness.

baby dove.png

We were so thrilled when Hudson's first bath video that produced and filmed by our team was picked up by Baby Dove and used in the US Newborns first bath commerical.



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Work With Anna


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I love to sing, write and have met and worked with some incredible people. I  recorded and performed my original music in the Canadian pop music scene and was recognized after my first single. later reaching a major milestone as an independent artist discovered by a major label , I was given a distribution deal with Universal Music Canada. I partnered with various brands and earned endorsement deals and print campaigns and made my mark on the Disney & The Family Channel performing next to my favorite artists. 

I  partnered with the Free the Children Organization by performing my single “Believe” at We Day and continue to use my platform to help people around the world. I  spent  4 years performing at festivals, Canadian Music Week, and popular events while writing music and collaborating with producers, artists, and writers. I am currently writing for myself and other artists right now.

 I landed a partnership with American Apparel and endorsed over 100 brands  while working on my music videos.


Working with brands to create lasting memories

My number one priority whether it be with my brand or my client's brands is to connect with people. I focus on the experience from start to finish and truly love bringing a vision to life. This particular event was a private invite-only event around Canadian Music week that was an appreciation secret show for my music fans. We partnered with Faulhaber Communications and around 10 brands to bring this fun day!

American Apparel Partnership


Headlined at the Royal Ontario Museum for Toronto Fashion incubator 25 year anniversary celebration in 2012.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 1.30.23 AM.png

WE Day: Live Stadium  Performance 2012 | 15,000+ in attendance.


CD release party & Canadian Music Week Pop Showcase- Toronto, Canada


Faze Magazine presents #POWERUP 2014 at the Opera House-  (#1 student magazine in Canada) Anastasia performed alongside NEVEREST, Nick Cannon's prodigy-4COUNT, & YTV’S winner of The Next Star

Canada| US national campagin| Anti-Bullying Ambassador: Family Channel:  campaign with select US & Canadian Stars.

2014-03-21_1395437456 2.jpg

Canadian Talent

Teen Pop Singer-Songwriter






  • Voice over, modeling, acting, singing, PSA, touring, etc.

  • Instagram takeovers, stories & sponsored posts

  • Live event attendance and coverage

  • Spokesperson and ambassadorships

  • Professional photography & video content creation

  • Banner of your choice on our website

  • Giveaway & Contest development 

  • Sponsored Videos | Unboxing | gifting programs

  • Mini product commercial with a voice over  

  • Product reviews & photoshoots

  • Sponsored social media posts

  • Co-hosting Twitter chats and parties




I was repeatedly told that I was too short for modeling and that I was never going to book a single job or ever be taken seriously. Why am I telling you this? Because my "anything is possible" mentality is how I landed all the opportunities in my path.  I often get asked how I land sponsors, work with brands, or that they don't know how I "get away" with it. I was born to express and "no" is too negative of a word to stand in my way. My never give up mindset came from many years of childhood trauma.  I found healing in expression, even if I was told I didn't fit the mold.


I ended up on the runway,  graced international magazines, landed billboard ads, shot campaigns, and worked with successful designers. I',m obviously no  Gigi Hadid, but I wasn't going to let my hight stop me from doing what I felt I deserved. I'm sorry but I've been posing in the mirror since 2 and love to explore characters and go into different worlds. I am proud to say I got to do that for a while and learned so much. The main takeaway from modeling was having a good attitude and being true to myself.


Since I was a little girl, I knew that I was going to sing, act, and use my voice to make a difference.

I look back at the growth and have so much to give. Between small creative collaborations to National projects with hundreds of people on set, I have a versatile background of skills to bring any project to life. love to disrupt industries that fit people in a box. 

I think people of all colors,  shapes, and sizes should be represented. It's time we all shine in every industry for our passion and skills..not our body type or color of our skin.  we all belong and we are beautiful. I get inspired by life, documentaries, art, and culture, not replicating Pinterest boards.


As business owners and brands, we should always continue evolving and stand out from our competitors and be in a league of our own. Branding truly helps us do this by shining proudly with our unique story.

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 9.59.15 PM.png
  • Startup Fashion week-Walked for TELUS x Muse & Pepper Couture 2015

  • Enrapture 2010- Pink Tartan- Runway Model

  • Even Bedell: Canada’s next top model Rebecca Hardy: The mansion 2008

  • Janet Kemp collection 2009

  • Brabary lingerie: MODEL, winter collection 09 Runway Show

  • Imago-bedtime stories ( Pie Magazine ) 
    @ Circa Nightclub

  • Beauty for the beast (Animal benefit show): Monster Muffin clothing London 2008

  • Georgian Mall Fall fashion show & Magazine Shoot ( Pie magazine)

  • Miss perfect 10 finalists, Miss Canada Scholarship-Miss Barrie 2007

  • LA FAMILLE annual runway show 09

  • Joy couture Dress collection 09

  • Hillcrest Mall; back to school feature

  •  Georgian Mall; fall feature, Pie Mag & Advertisement

  • Spain designer; Belinda Visag

  • Deipo Runway Show

  • Estrella Runway Show

  • One of us swimwear- FAT runway

  • Rebecca Lam-FAT runway Show

  • Youth in Asia; Joshua Shier

  • FAT-during Toronto Fashion week: IMAGO

I began modeling straight out of high school and as I gained traction was told I was too short or not a real model. No way was I going to settle for that. To the agents that turned me down, I ended up landing 4 national campaigns that year while their clients booked maybe 1. The point is, It's not just a look it's the full package and drive. ! Look at my experience and pictures and tell me to my face I'm not a real model is what would say to them. I just started auditioning in rediculous heels and no one knew the difference. I ended up on the runway, in magazines, on billboards, and working with successful designers. I wasn't going to let my height stop me from doing what I felt I deserved. 


Since I was a little girl, my dream was to sing, act, and use my voice to make a difference. I have lived my dreams of being on the Disney channel next to my icons and between small creative collaborations to National projects with hundreds of people on set, I have a versatile background of skills to bring any project to life.

Creative skills come naturally to me but over the last decade, a businesswoman was born. Earlier in 2011, my little indie music label got support from Universal Music and soon after landed me on the Disney & Family Channel. Between recording, writing, rehearsing, performing, and shooting on set, I have seen it all. Now I have an agency that truly brings real industry experience from a lady who wore way to many hats.

Magazine Print

  • Front cover and 1-page feature in VERVEGIRL Magazine 2015 Fall

  • Front cover and 4-page feature in MIMP Magazine 2016

  • Hitched Magazine 2016 Engagements feature

  • 2012 Beauty editorial spread: FACES Magazine UK

  • Recording Artist  feature in MUSIC NOW NYC 2014- next to Pharrell Williams, Iggy Azalea

  • 1-Page Spread in Sessions Mag 2012

  • Jagermeister Ad & Official Calendar Campaign

  • Mikes Hard Lemonade Print Ad

  • Faze Magazine artist interview 2014/2015 ANDPOP Magazine

  • 2013 (Feb 22) - Svedka national print ad

  • International Music magazine: Featured Artist:  Localize Magazine

  • Suzie McNeil Album work: Universal Music Group CA

  • Music Magazine:  Alternative Press Magazine U.S.A.

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 9.09.47 PM.png



Anna Sinclair is an Influential Leader. She has an extensive background in brand campaigns, experiential events, event planning, and content creation. As a professional singer, actress, and model, she has a lot of influence and uses that influence to promote most of her humanitarian efforts. 


Utilizing her digital platform to spread meaningful messages,  Anna while shares her most treasured tips and hacks on beauty, wellness, and lifestyle. across her social platforms.


Reaching a wide audience through her ongoing projects and initiatives, Anna's experience spans over a decade working in the entertainment and events marketing industry. Specializing in branding and creative marketing, her industry experience as a casting director, event planner, Entertainer, singer-songwriter (SOCAN), actress (ACTRA), and lifestyle photographer working with high-profile brands gives her a diverse lens and creative edge. 

Anna has partnered with several major corporations, including Dove, Virgin Mobile, Disney, McDonald's, Pampers, LG, Playtex, and many more. Anna is additionally a Creative Director and is doing so under her own firm the Sinclair Creative Agency.


A trip down memory lane at some of my most memorable appearances, red carpets, and photo opportunities while attending and supporting industry events in the entertainment, fashion, and Film industry.

Networking is something that I continue to do as it keeps me in the know, allows me to watch out for current trends for my clients as well as establishes powerful connections.


Private Consultations

On occasion, I make myself available to select clients for consultation and guidance based on the availability and scope of work. I am available to consult one-on-one on :



Strategy, Launches, and Marketing initiatives

Business Advice and direction

Event Planning

Music Business and Artist Relations

Influencer Relations, Models and Blogging

Therapeutic Healing, Mindfulness Meditation, and Psychic healing sessions.

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